Bryce in 2014.

Bryce in 2014.

Are you ready to explore the world of Senegal? If so, buckle up and join me as I explore the people and culture of this West African country. My name is Bryce and in September 2015 I arrived in Senegal as a Sustainable Agriculture Extension Agent. Here I work with villages and communities to increase their crop production while avoiding negative impacts on the environment. My biggest hope is to make a positive impact on the communities I have the fortune to be a part of.

I come from a background in environmental education and international politics. I worked for years as a teacher in Maine, teaching ecology and natural history with hands on camping opportunities. It was an incredible experience to take my students camping for a week with time also spent on an organic farm. My time as an educator taught me that the most important thing we can do is to pass on our passions, such as my passion for the outdoors.

With a B.A. in Political Science focusing on International Relations, I spent years in a classroom learning how politicians and academics view the world. I resolved, with the support of incredible professors, to connect this worldview with one you can only get in person. I have taken both personal and academic trips to countries such as Ukraine, the Czech Republic, the UK, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey and Spain. My time in the Peace Corps is an extension of this learning, with the added benefit of improving the quality of life for others.

This blog is not just for my friends and family. It is for all those who want to learn about new cultures and people. It is for those considering Peace Corps service, and for those already serving around the globe.




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