Jetting To D.C.

I write this first of many posts while settled into my flight from Portland, ME to Washington D.C. where we will have our Staging event. This event kicks off our Peace Corps experience with new friends, tons of information and an orientation on Saturday before we fly out on Sunday!

After eating one last Italien from Amato’s (a true Maine delicacy), I was dropped off at the airport with my bags.


I ended up with more bags than I wanted; being a canoeist, I never realized how much space my camping gear takes up in my hiking pack. Luckily it all fit comfortably in my daypack, leaving my carryon to be filled with notebooks, hats and snacks.

While I’m still not totally sure what to expect from staging, other than my passports, it promises to be an exciting time filled with new friends and the start to a new adventure. I wonder if we’ll play any of my favorite name games…



  1. Val Lovelace · September 26, 2015

    All the best to you, Bryce! So excited for your new adventure. Can’t wait to hear more, my friend.


  2. Mom · September 28, 2015

    Just thought I would add that it was your loving mother who bought you the Italian (it was her idea) and it was your loving mother who dropped you off at the airport and your loving mother that ran after you to take the photo!!
    Your loving mother 😍
    Miss you already but I am extremely happy for you…..


  3. Brian LEARY · September 28, 2015

    Hi Bryce ,
    I followed your flight and plotted your route which I tried to copy and paste here to no avail. Oh well you are safe and sound.
    Pearl is laying on my feet as I write and snoring ! I hope you are as content as she is .
    Love Daddy


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