The Application Process: Overview

Back in July, the Peace Corps announced it was revamping its application process. This began with a review of its old process, which had startling findings: most applications took up to eight hours to complete, and only 20% were fully completed. To increase competition and ensure they were getting the best volunteers, the Peace Corps resolved to make changes to the application process. 

According to the Peace Cops, the new application would take only 45 minutes and you could choose where you wanted to serve. Further, they would give you specific “Hear By” dates based off your submission date date. The hope was that this would help applicants better prepare for service and reduce the amount of time applicants spent in limbo. 

I had the pleasure to experience this new application system when I applied in October of 2015. I found it to be everything the Peace Corps had hoped: short, easy and candidate centric. I enjoyed the shortened application. I felt it communicated who I am without requiring extra writing or extraneous question answering. Further, I loved the ability to select my preferred country of service and the type of job I wanted to do. It gave me the chance to read through the many opportunities available to me, while also allowing me to serve anywhere I was interested. 

Before I ship out, I intend to put together a full application timeline for potential applicants to reference. I know I found it hard to use the old timelines for the new system!

Until next time!


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